An Extensible Optical Character Recognition Framework

Contributing To Conjecture

Conjecture is an open-source project. Not only that, one of its primary design considerations was making it easy for individuals (both programmers AND non-programmers) to actively contribute to improving the quality of OCR.

There are many ways you can help, and it is a certainty that you have knowledge that will benefit Conjecture and OCR in general. Please help where you can!

How to Contribute Without Coding

Conjecture has the potential to be a rather ambituous project, with many different directions that can be explored. Here are some ways that you can make Conjecture better without doing any programming:

  • Optimize Parameters: Experiment with the configurable parameters associated with each OCR and report which combinations produce increases in accurarcy. Conjecture has an assessment infrastructure that makes such experimentation easy. wmh: TODO - document the modules/Conjecture.tests file and how variants can be added.
  • Image Database: Help grow and organize the image database. The more text-based images we have (along with the canonical textual representation associated with each image), the more comprehensive and useful the assessement infrastructure will be.
  • Mailing List: Participating in discussions on the mailing list
  • Correct Documentation: Edit the documentation to fix mistakes, make the discussion more clear, etc.
  • Answer Questions: One of the many great things about open-source group projects is the vast knowledge base of the community. There are always questions (whose answer would benefit Conjecture in some way) that an individual doesn't have the time to answer personally, These questions are posted in 'Participating/Questions'. Read through these questions and answer those that you know. Either inform the question poser what the answer is, or, even better, solve the problem being addressed by the question yourself.
  • Wishlist: Brainstorm with others on the Conjecture forum about possible strategies for addressing a particular issue, or about desired features of a generalized OCR.
  • Advertise: Inform others of the Conjecture project!

How to Contribute By Adding New Code

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