Conjecture::GocrModule Class Reference

#include <GocrModule.h>

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Detailed Description

Uses the Gocr Strategies for all algorithms.


Every algorithm in the Conjecture framework has an equivalent in GOCR (or the algorithm is subsumed by a higher-level algorithm in GOCR). This factory returns back the Gocr Strategies for all algorithms.

Public Member Functions

virtual ProcessComponentcreateProcessComponent () const
virtual SegmentComponentcreateSegmentComponent () const
virtual IdentifyComponentcreateIdentifyComponent () const
virtual FormatComponentcreateFormatComponent () const
virtual void processArgs (int argc, const char **argv, Env *env=NULL)
Job * job () const
Job *& jobRef ()
void jobIs (Job *job)

Member Function Documentation

void Conjecture::GocrModule::processArgs int  argc,
const char **  argv,
Env env = NULL

Command-line processing

This method provides module-specific command-line processing.

The default implementation is a no-op. Subclasses redefine as necessary.

Reimplemented from Conjecture::OCRModule.

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