An Extensible Optical Character Recognition Framework


This webpage contains a collection of open questions. Questions that you may be able to answer. Questions whose answers will in some way benefit Conjecture. It is motivated by the simple observation that if one knows how to do something, they can do it quickly and well, while if one is unsure how to do something, they must spend time learning how to do it, which takes away from time they could be spending on something they do know how to do.

When an individual is working on some aspect of Conjecture and encounters an issue they do not have time to address themselves (because they are busy working on some other aspect of Conjecture), they can post a question here describing the side-issue (and indicating who is asking, so answers can be properly directed).

Keep in mind that many of these questions will have very simple solutions, and the individual posing them could have resolved them personally but was busy with other things. This point is clarified to encourage you to add questions without fear of "looking dumb". Its all about allocating ones time where it can best be used!

I'm looking for someone who knowledgable with non-standard doxygen usage. I want to extend the capabilities of the auto-generating UML, and need someone who knows how to get doxygen to provide information on C++ classes, methods and fields in a format we can use. Doxygen has XML generating support, right? How detailed? visibility of every method and field, etc. etc.? [wade]
I'm looking for someone who knowledgable with CSS and web design. The existing structure of the webpages is using TABLE, and I'd like to convert it to a more flexible CSS-oriented structure. [wade]

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