Conjecture::Component Class Reference

#include <Component.h>

Inheritance diagram for Conjecture::Component:

Conjecture::Root Conjecture::FormatComponent Conjecture::IdentifyComponent Conjecture::ProcessComponent Conjecture::SegmentComponent Conjecture::GocrFormat Conjecture::WmhFormat Conjecture::GocrIdentify Conjecture::WmhIdentify Conjecture::OcradProcess Conjecture::StandardProcess Conjecture::GocrSegment Conjecture::WmhSegment List of all members.

Detailed Description

The abstract superclass of all Component classes.


An entire hierarchy of classes is generated for every algorithm identified as potentially beneficial to OCR functionality. Each such hierarchy implements a set of strategies for solving the algorithm represented by the hierarchy.

This is a parent of all Component classes, just in case we need to introduce functionality common to all, or need to be able to store an arbitrary Component into a variable.

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