Conjecture::WmhModule Class Reference

#include <WmhModule.h>

Inheritance diagram for Conjecture::WmhModule:

Conjecture::GocrModule Conjecture::OCRModule List of all members.

Detailed Description

Wade's first experiment with OCR.


Currently relying on Gocr for various components, this OCR will incrementally migrate away from a reliance on gocr as Wade finds more time to work on various ideas.

This Module must currently be a subclass of GocrModule because WmhSegment delegates to GocrSegment, and GocrSegment requires the module to be a GocrModule so that 'JOB' exists.

Public Member Functions

virtual ProcessComponentcreateProcessComponent () const
virtual SegmentComponentcreateSegmentComponent () const
virtual IdentifyComponentcreateIdentifyComponent () const
virtual FormatComponentcreateFormatComponent () const

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